Before I became an advocate, I set out on a path to understanding why Black communities were in the condition they were. While studying and searching for answers, I learned about the legacy of mass incarceration, state violence, economic exploitation, political disenfranchisement, and social degradation brought down upon us.

Another issue that could not be ignored was the intentional destruction and assassination of Black leadership by the government and those in power. Initially, I was so impacted by this truth that when I saw Black elders still alive, I assumed they were not for Black liberation or a traitor because…

I saw the video of George Floyd’s lifeless body on that concrete, knee still to his neck, and like many others, I felt rage boil up in my chest. When that police officer — Derek Chauvin — pressed his knee harder into George Floyd’s neck, I heard my black brother Byron saying, “I can’t breathe.” As Floyd took his last breath in that video, I saw my black father James taking his last breath. In Floyd’s last moments, as he cried out for his mother and children, I felt myself under that knee, calling out for my mother Rebecca and…

Eric Angelo Morrison-Smith (He, Him, His)

Thinking in motion. Policy Associate, AllianceforBmoc + PolicyLink . Creator, Borrowed Knowledge.

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